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When to Seek Help

Call your baby's provider for any of the following issues:

  • If baby has difficulty latching on when trying to breastfeed (contact our Lactation Educator at 704-878-4555 for assistance)
  • If baby goes longer than four hours between feeding, or needs to be awakened to feed or refuses to eat
  • If baby appears hungry even after feeding
  • If baby shows signs of infection around the umbilical cord (crying when you touch the cord; the cord bleeds more than a little bit; there is pus or drainage around the cord; the skin around the cord looks red or irritated)
  • If baby boy shows signs of infection around circumcision (bright red bleeding from the circumcision site; he doesn’t urinate within 24 hours; there is unusual redness or swelling around the area; there is a thick yellow or green discharge with a foul odor)
  • If baby has water, foul-smelling stools, or blood and mucus in diaper (diarrhea)
  • If baby has hard bowel movements that look like pebbles (constipation)
  • If baby has fewer than 6 wet diapers and 3 bowel movements per day by day five
  • If baby has dark yellow urine, or a reddish stain in the diaper
  • If baby has a dry mouth and lips
  • If baby appears to have a lack of energy or is unusually sleepy or hard to wake up
  • If baby has a temperature higher than 100⁰F (underarm temperature > 99) or less than 97⁰F (underarm temperature < 96)
  • If baby cries constantly or with distress
  • If baby vomits, chokes routinely during feedings, or coughs frequently or has trouble breathing
  • If baby has yellow, pale, blue, or gray skin
  • If baby is just not being himself