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Months 1-2

Months 1-2

Well baby check-ups

  • By 2 months, your baby will visit the pediatrician for measurements and weight check, and may be scheduled for immunizations that are recommended at this time.
  • Write a list of any questions you may have for your baby’s health care provider to take with you to the appointments. You will also be asked about baby’s feedings, and wets/stools diapers.

Feeding your baby

  • You will continue to feed your baby breastmilk or infant formula. Breastmilk or infant formula will be their primary source of nutrition throughout the first year. 
  • If you have any questions regarding breastfeeding, our Lactation Educator is here to help- 704-878-4555, or call The Birth Place at 704-878-4660.

What does baby do, and what can you do for baby?

  • Baby probably begins to smile at people and coo or make gurgling sounds. Baby likes soft blocks, music boxes, squeaky toys, and stuffed animals with no loose parts. 
  • Most babies can briefly calm themselves (sometimes bringing hand to mouth to suck on), begin to follow items with their eyes, and hold their head up when lying on their tummy.
  • Talk to your baby’s health care provider if your baby doesn’t do those things. 

Mom (and other caregivers) can respond quickly to baby’s cry (how baby learns trust)

  • Smile at baby and repeat sounds baby makes (talk to baby and listen when baby “talks” to you). 
  • You can gently clap baby’s hands together, move baby’s legs back and forth, and play peek-a-boo