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Baby's 1st Birthday

Happy 1st birthday, Baby! 

Wow!  You’ve come a long way, baby, and look how you’ve grown!  You might weigh 3 times more now than when you were born, and be much taller too!

Well baby check-ups

  • Have you been tracking your baby’s growth? Use our “Growth Tracker” under the “Baby’s First Year” tab under the “Tools” button and see how much your baby has grown!
  • Are baby’s immunizations up to date? Talk to your baby’s health care provider to see, and make sure you’ve been keeping a record of them.

Feeding your baby

  • Your baby has probably tried a variety of strained or pureed vegetables and fruits, along with soft foods that your pediatrician has recommended. Ask your pediatrician about giving whole milk, and any other questions you may have. 
  • Is baby ready for birthday cake? Ask your pediatrician if there are any special considerations before baby takes that first bite.


What does baby do, and what can you do for baby?

  • Baby may be shy or nervous around strangers and cry when mom or dad leaves. Baby has favorite things and people.
  • Baby can wave “bye-bye”, try to say words you say, and make sounds with changes in tone (like we do when speaking).
  • Baby now pulls to stand, and may “cruise”- walking holding on to furniture, and may even walk or take a few steps without holding on.
  • Talk to your baby’s health care provider if your baby isn’t doing those things.

Mom (and other caregivers) need to give lots of hugs, kisses, and praises for good behavior.

  • You need to talk to your child about what you’re doing, read to your child, and play with them. Provide lots of safe places for your growing baby, now entering toddler years, to explore.
  • For more information about your developing child, visit
  • Most importantly, love your baby, and enjoy this very special time in your child’s life.